Brief Summary

An alternative to staples for scalp lacerations over hair-bearing areas. This technique provides a more cost-effective, faster, and less painful approach to scalp laceration repair.


  1. Imagine the scalp hairs as suture ties already embedded in the skin.
  2. Twist together 3-7 strands of hair on either side of the wound.
  3. Interlock these two hair bundles in a 360-degree revolution, there is no need to tie a knot.
  4. Secure the intertwined hair bundles by applying a few drops of a tissue adhesive.


  1. May not require anesthetic administration
  2. No need for return visit for staple removal

Special Cases

This technique can be used even in patients without long hair. Simply use a pair of Kelly clamps to lock the hair on either end, twist and apply dermal adhesive.