An easy-to-use, free, bedside app for laceration repairs

Laceration repair made easy

3-0 or 4-0? Absorbable or non-absorbable? How long before the patient needs them removed? With, you’ll find the answers to all these questions and more at your fingertips.

1. Location

You’ll start getting recommendations as soon as you narrow down the location.

2. Details

Add more details like the laceration depth and shape to get more specific recommendations.

3. Results

View the repair recommendations like suture size, technique, and more.

Other amazing features

Generate Procedure Notes will generate a send you a customized procedure note based on the laceration details you enter.

Video Walkthroughs

Forgot how to perform a corner stitch or mattress suture? Technique recommendations come with a description and detailed videos courtesy of Closing the Gap.

Review the Basics

Quick access to relevant reference materials including common suture materials and local anesthetic dosing.

#FOAM is a Free Open Access Medical Education project, built to be used around the world for free. It was made possible by the generous contribution of videos and content from Dr. Brian Lin’s Closing the Gap.

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The Core Contributors include:

Dr. Loren Mead

Dr. Loren Mead

Resident Physician

Dr. Zack (John) Timmons

Dr. Zack (John) Timmons

Resident Physician

Dr. Sam Beger

Dr. Sam Beger

Resident Physician

Expert Review

Special thanks to Dr. David Hopkins for his expert review of content. Dr. Hopkins is a resident physician in Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery at UTHealth Houston.