Brief Summary

Dermal adhesive glue is indicated for low-tension wounds. Advantages include speed of application for the clinician, painless application for the patient, and decreased tissue inflammatory response compared with sutures. Also, there is typically no need for a follow up visit unless complications with the wound occur.


  1. Gently pinch skin edges together
  2. Apply a thin layer across the laceration
  3. Allow to dry and apply a total of 3-4 layers before releasing tension

Alternative (Tissue Adhesive Tape)

An alternative is the use of surgical tape, also useful for low-tension wounds. Tissue adhesive tape is also an option for thin, fragile skin, such as skin tears in elderly patients.


  1. Quick, easy, and painless to apply
  2. No need for repeat visit for removal
  3. More resistant to infection than sutures or staples


  1. Not useful for high-tension wounds
  2. Difficult to apply on irregular wounds, convex surfaces or marked tissue laxity
  3. Will not adhere well to moist/hairy areas (ex. mucosal surfaces, axilla, groin)