Suture size centers around “0” suture, decreasing in size with “2-0”, “3-0”, etc. The smallest size that provides sufficient tensile strength should be used as larger suture size is associated with tissue injury and potentially increased tissue reactivity.



Made from natural mammalian collagen (ex. gut) or synthetic materials, absorbable sutures degrade over time and do not require removal.

Type Effective Support
Fast Absorbing Gut 5-7 days
Plain Gut 8-9 days
Vicryl Rapide 10 days
Chromic Gut 10-21 days
Vicryl 21 days


Made from natural silk or synthetic materials such as nylon or polypropylene – these require removal.

Strand Composition


Composed of a single strand, these have less resistance when passing through tissue and may be less prone to infection. However, their simple structure may be more prone to damage during the repair or breakage later.


Several strands braided together to create a suture with greater tensile strength though increased resistance passing through tissue and perhaps an increased risk of infection.

Common Suture Classification

Table of suture types